Before You Upload…


Is your picture taken at eye level?

To ensure the best possible portrait, please make sure your photo is at eye level with your pet.

Are both ears visible?

In order for us to capture your pet’s entire personality, please make sure we can see both of those adorable ears.

Is your photo in focus (not blurry)?

We can’t work with a blurry photo. Please make sure that the photos you upload are clear and in focus.

Did you use bright natural lighting?

We want to replicate your pet as accurately as possible. In order to do this, we need photographs that use natural light. The best photographs can be taken outside during the day.

Upload Your Pet Photo

Please refer to our photo guidelines that can be found here. If you are confident that your photo meets our requirements, please submit them using the forms below.

    Your Pet's Name:
    Your Order Number:
    Your Name:
    Your Email:
    Photo Upload:
    Alternative Photo (optional):
    Please note: For the best results, please upload a high resolution photo that shows your pet's face at eye-level in a well-lit area. Ensure that your pet's ears are not cropped out of the picture. For more information on choosing the best picture, please see our helpful guide here.

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