Choosing the Right Pet Photo

Are you ready to upload your photo?

Now that you have the info you need, we’ll take it from here!

Choosing the Right Photo

Your photo must be high resolution (most smart phones have sufficient cameras), well lit (very important for our artist to see the details of your fur buddy’s face), and have your pet’s entire face and ears visible. Make sure your photo is not taken from above or below. You want your photo to be taken at eye level with your pet. Take your time and take a lot of photos. If you’re unsure of which photo to use, send us a few, and we’ll choose the best one.

Some Tips for the Perfect Picture

  • If possible, take a new photo specifically for your portrait.
  • Try to match the position and posture of your chosen design.
  • Use treats to bribe your pet into staying perfectly still.
  • Zoom in on the image before uploading to make sure it’s sharp and not blurry.

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